Colon Cleanse

A Colon Cleansing range of supplements we have developed over 40 years. Leading this range is our Cascara Compound Capsules, based on Dr Christopher’s colonic cleanse formula, our most popular product and huge success for us and our customers. Our Colon Programme includes this, and two other products, to give you a more comprehensive programme to use at home. We recommend using it for 3 months. Our Psyllium Husks – additive-free – provide natural lubricating fibre for the colon. And Bio Multi-flora is a combination of 5 gut bacteria, designed by a leading UK nutritionist to support the body’s natural bowel flora. A final mention goes to the excellent Slippery Elm, available as a tea or in capsules. This is highly soothing and helps support the natural healing abilities of the body passing through the whole gastrointestinal tract – from throat to large intestine. We like Slippery Elm Tea best; it’s not only cost-effective in use, but we think it is the most supportive for the digestive system. Drinking it is a bit like drinking a very, very thin porridge. Some people sweeten it with a little honey.

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