Psyllium Husk Range

Psyllium is a form of fibre made from the outer husk of the psyllium seed. It soaks up a large amount of water and so makes the stools softer. We offer capsules, or powder to be mixed into water.


Psyllium Husk Range

Psyllium Husks absorb large amounts of water for their weight. Mixing in with food in your stomach, it provides valuable fibrous bulk. However, research also shows that psyllium is beneficial in other ways, including for the heart, pancreas and cholesterol system.

Psyllium is a ‘pre-biotic’, in that it helps to make the bowel a good home for probiotics. With so many points in its favour, maybe we should all be taking psyllium every day! Psyllium Husks are an important product in the popular 30 or 90 day Colon Programme.