Cape Aloe Compound

Cape Aloe Compound capsules are brilliant where there is a strong desire to maintain regular bowel movements. They have no equal. Later, revert to Cascara Compound. But initially, this is it!


Cape Aloe Compound Capsules

The single biggest situation we see with customers and clients is: regular bowel function. They are very keen on maintaining regularity. Our absolute favourite product for this is, and always will be, the ever-brilliant Cascara Compound: BUT initially, something extra is sometimes required. And when that is the case, the ‘something extra’ is: Cape Aloe Compound. So, if you can, start with Cascara Compound. But if you need more, then start with Cape Aloe Compound, then move to Cascara Compound or the Colon Programme when you can.

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Product details

Customers report that Cape Aloe Compound can be very helpful for regular bowel cleansing. We believe that “3 times a day” (as often as you eat) is healthier than than the “once a day” which some sources suggest can be “normal”. For our money, that means waste material stays in your body longer than it needs to.

Please contact us for advice (completely free and no obligation) on using these brilliant bowel cleanse formulations either alone or in combination. Take advantage of our 40 years of great experience with them. At Specialist Herbal Supplies, our first thought is to get you the best support for your health.

This Cape Aloe is derived from the Aloe Ferox plant growing in southern South Africa – near to Cape Town, hence the name. Synonyms are bitter aloe, aloe latex, red aloe and tap aloe. (It is well-named as “bitter aloe”; if you do happen to dab a speck of the powder onto your tongue, it will be one of the most bitter things you ever taste.)

The part of cape aloe used in the formula is found just below the skin of the cactus-like plant.

Cape aloe is a close relative of the aloe vera plant, whose inner leaves provide a very soothing gel for the skin and digestive tract.