Detox Programme

The Detox Programme has been designed to give thorough support to the body’s natural detox processes. It does this by helping the colon, liver and kidneys, using our well-tried herbal products.

You can choose from a programme with capsules or with drops, both options include a loose leaf herbal detox tea.

Each 30-day pack includes a comprehensive advice pamphlet giving details of the herbs used, diet, exercise, and other relevant lifestyle suggestions.

We recommend taking this programme for 90 days, this option includes an automatic 10% discount.


Detox Programme Pack

People like to carry out a detox for many reasons, including:

1. As a good start to the New Year – or following the excesses of the Christmas season

2. At the beginning of spring, to prepare for the Summer

3. As a general cleanse carried out yearly, or every two years

4. Just to help the body to stay healthy, and to help the organs to keep working well

5. To help maintain energy and vitality

Many people believe that detoxing the body can help keep the body healthy and help keep you fit and young. We agree!