Immune Programme

A unique combination of 3 herbal products to support the vital immune system. Available with the 2 main products in a choice of capsules or drops form, plus a loose leaf tea. Recommended time to use: 90 days.


Immune Programme

The white blood cells of the immune system fight off infections and clear out debris from broken-down cells which would otherwise clog up the body.

The Immune Programme helps the immune system stay strong. It consists of two main products, available in capsules or drops form, a loose-leaf herbal tea and a pamphlet. The pamphlet advises on helping the immune system through herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle.

We recommend a 3-month course. You can purchase a 30-day programme each month for 3 months: or save 10% on the total price by selecting one of the 90-day Immune Programmes.




Product details

Many people recognise the benefit of having a strong immune system – fewer days off, better energy level, and less chance of letting friends and family – and yourself – down.

Avoiding stress, or dealing with it in a better way, will help to keep the immune system strong. Maintaining a good work/life balance and avoiding overwork is also very helpful. Once stress and overwork take over, there can be a downward spiral. To avoid this, it can be helpful to support the immune system in every way you can.

This can be done by:

1. Exercise – one of the best ways to help the immune system – as well as reduce stress.

2. Diet – large amounts of fruit and vegetables (reduce the starchy ones) help to boost the immune system

3. Our Immune Programme ideally, the 90-Day Immune Programme. This is best taken when you are perfectly well, to help you to keep well.