Heart and Circulation Programme

The Heart and Circulation Programme has been designed to give thorough support to the body’s circulatory processes.

Each 30-day pack includes a comprehensive advice pamphlet giving details of the herbs used, diet, exercise, and other relevant lifestyle suggestions.

We recommend taking this programme for 90 days, this option includes an automatic 10% discount.

Ht Capsules include hawthorn berry and motherwort which are excellent herbs to support the heart. Bl-Circ Capsules include hawthorn again and also cayenne – a wonderful herb
for heart and circulation. Our Power Garlic Capsules are a high value form of this great herb for arteries and veins and for helping maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Taken for 90 days, these herbs can help to keep your heart, arteries and veins working well. Combined with a healthy diet and good exercise and relaxation regime, this programme can help you to keep feeling well and energetic.


Heart and Circulation Pack

The circulation of blood around the body is basic to life. The blood carries nutrients to every cell and carries away its waste products; it moves oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, and it carries hormones from the gland which makes them to their target organs and areas. In short, blood is the infrastructure which holds together all body processes.

To keep the blood circulation working well requires:

1. A healthy, strong heart.

2. Supple and clear arteries and veins.

To keep these areas working well, the lifestyle considerations are similar, namely to get sufficient exercise; to maintain a healthy body weight; and to maintain a good work/life balance – to reduce stress and maintain a good relaxation level. In addition, the Heart and Circulation Programme can be extremely helpful. The benefits of garlic for the arteries and cholesterol balance are well known; our own Power Garlic Capsules capitalise on this by providing a full-potency garlic with very low garlic odour. The other two herbal products, Ht Capsules and Bl-Circ complete this programme with herbs which work with you to help keep the vital heart and circulation in top shape.