Liver Programme

A unique combination of 3 herbal products to support the liver and gall bladder. Available with the 2 main products in capsules or drops, plus a loose leaf tea. Recommended use: 90 days.


Liver Programme Pack

The Liver Programme helps the liver and gall bladder. It consists of two main products, a loose-leaf herbal tea and an explanatory leaflet.

The two main products are available as herbal drops or capsules. They are equally good. The explanatory pamphlet advises on herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle.

We recommend a 3-month course. You can purchase a 30-day programme each month: or choose the 90-day programme, which includes 10% discount compared to the 30-day price.

Liv Capsules and Drops, Milk Thistle Capsules and Liv Tea are also available from us as individual products.




Product details

The Liver Programme has been designed to give thorough support to the whole liver and gall bladder area. Herbs for the liver have been well known for centuries: and we incorporate many of them here.

Why help the liver out? Because it’s doing a lot for us.

1. The liver is the main detox organ in the body, so keeping the liver working well helps every single body function by reducing the toxin levels. Reduction of toxins is an important key to good health.

2. The liver affects the nerves, so helps to keep us calm and relaxed. Where there is stress, the liver helps us deal with it. Keeping the liver working well is crucial to good nerve function.

3. The liver produces bile, which enables us to digest fats. As long as the liver is OK, we can digest fats well.

4. The liver is involved in breaking down hormones which are damaged or unnecessary. It is thus involved in keeping periods regular, and menopause balanced.

5. The liver stores excess sugar, releasing it into the bloodstream on demand. It is thus vital to maintaining energy levels.

Having so many vital functions, it makes great sense to look after the liver very well. We recommend you use the Liver Programme every 12-18 months. It will help you!