Digestive Programme

A unique combination of 3 herbal products to support the whole digestive system. Available with the 2 main products in drops or capsules form, plus a loose leaf tea. Recommended use: 90 days.


Digestive Programme Pack

The Digestive Programme helps the digestion – the stomach, colon, liver and small intestine. It consists of two main products, a loose-leaf herbal tea and an explanatory leaflet.

The two main products are available as herbal drops or capsules. In the case of the digestion, we recommend the drops version – particularly the Dig Drops product – because of the close connection between the sense of taste and the digestive juices. The explanatory pamphlet advises on herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle.

We recommend a 3-month course. You can purchase a 30-day programme each month for 3 months: or save 10% on the total price by selecting the 90-day Digestive Programme instead (above).

Excellent individual products for the digestion include Dig Drops and Dig Tea.




Product details

Good digestion is fundamental to good health. Though it is important that we put good food into our bodies (a high proportion of fruit and vegetable – 50% is good – and cutting down on dairy food, meat and starchy foods), once it is in the body it needs to be digested efficiently. If not, all our efforts at eating a good diet have been wasted.

Digestion efficiency can diminish with age. So keep yours good by carrying out an occasional 90-day Digestive Programme! We recommend you do this annually, to help keep your digestion ticking over well.

People carry out a Digestive Programme for reasons including:

1. To support good energy levels – poor digestion can compromise energy levels.

2. To help the body maintain comfortable gas levels.

3. To help maintain digestive comfort after eating.

4. To help keep blood sugar balanced so energy stays at a good level right through the afternoon.