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What types of herbal supplements do you supply?

Most of our herbs are in three forms: powdered herbs in capsules; herbal drops; and herbal teas. We are often asked ‘which are the better – Capsules or Drops?’ There is little to choose in terms of the health benefits. The practical differences are:

  1. Most people find capsules more convenient to carry around – so herbal capsules are more popular. Drops are convenient if you have trouble swallowing. Drops may be absorbed faster and more efficiently than powdered herb; this is only an issue if you have a weak digestion.
  2. Drops usually work out slightly less expensive in use than capsules.

Do I need to be a herbalist to use your products?

No. Our herbal products are designed to be used by anyone, using common sense. To help you, we give you lots of information on this site, as well as free unlimited advice by phone and email.

Can I buy your herbal products in the shops, or from a practitioner?

Our products are available either direct by post, or through a practitioner. Any qualified practitioner may obtain our herbs for supply to patients on request and proof of qualifications.

I am in a part of the world distant from you; can you send me your products?

No problem. Orders from outside the UK are posted via international airmail.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards both online and over the phone and PayPal online.

Are the products I buy from you guaranteed?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.

What amount of herbs should I use?

The amount of a herb which can be used safely is given on the label of each product and in the usage section online.

If you are normally sensitive to foods or medicines, start taking your herbs at a very low level. To assist you here, it is often more convenient to use drops – with which you can control the amount taken more easily.

Where more than one encapsulated herbal product is being used, we recommend a maximum amount of 5 capsules (or the equivalent of Drops), 3 times a day, unless a lower usage is indicated for a particular product. This amount will usually be well tolerated by the body.

If desired, you can start with a small amount of the herbal product, and build up slowly.

How quickly can benefits be expected from herbs?

Some people are helped by the herbs after a very short time – perhaps only a day or two. It may take longer to notice benefits – perhaps 3-4 weeks, and sometimes longer. Response does vary from person to person.

For how long should I take the herbal products?

Some herbal products can be taken as general supplements on and off for years. For example, Power Garlic Capsules can be taken, say, two months on, one month off, all year round.

When taking herbs to support a particular area then a 3-4 month course is often satisfactory. You can continue for longer if you prefer. You may then like to take the same products for 2-3 months each year, to continue the support.

How safe are the herbal products?

Our products are herbal foods, which help to balance and support the body. Being mild, they are thus very safe in use, and have proven safe and supportive for thousands of people. Cautions are listed for each product on their labels and online.

How can I maximise the benefits of the herbs?

The response to herbs will differ from person to person – you need to find the approaches which best suit you. Here are some suggestions which you may care to try; if you need any assistance, we recommend consulting a practitioner in natural healthcare to help you. It is often difficult to decide what to do for yourself – it is often easier to see what other people should do.

Your course of herbs may need to be modified or augmented in the following ways:

  1. INCREASE THE AMOUNT TAKEN. For example, increase by 50-100% – or give the same amount more often (up to the maximum indicated). Use an ADDITIONAL HERBAL PRODUCT to increase support for the body. For example, if you are using the Nve Capsules add Nve-Restor Drops. If using Dig Capsules, enhance the benefits by adding Liv Capsules, or Dig Tea. Up to 5 products and a tea may normally be taken together perfectly safely. Use an appropriate HERBAL TEA in addition to Capsules or Drops. For example, use Kid Tea to increase the benefits of Kid Capsules; or supplement the Femarone or Femarone 40+ products with Fem Rep Tea.
  2. Improve NUTRITION, or increase ELIMINATION, by changing your diet: a cleansing diet helps the herbs to work better in many cases. For example, 50-80% of your food could be fruit and non-starchy vegetables, and you could reduce your intake of meat and dairy foods. Fasting or partial fasting methods can be used, which reduce the work the digestion has to do, leaving energy over for the body to perform healing and maintenance of body functions.
  3. Use HEALING EXERCISES to benefit the area being supported with herbs. Yoga is a great way to help the body’s organs, for example. The stretches involved in yoga massage the internal organs very nicely as well as maintain suppleness of the tendons, muscles and joints.
  4. Improve your lifestyle in all the ways you can – diet, exercise, yoga, supplements and herbs, improve work/life balance, and so on.
  5. Take regular EXERCISE. Some authorities recommend vigorous exercise twice a week for the average person. Exercise improves lymphatic circulation and increases fluid circulation in the muscles and joints, as well as strengthening heart and lungs. Exercise also relieve stress
  6. RELAX! – especially if you have stress related problems. Consider such options as yoga, meditation, Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP), relaxation tapes, biofeedback, saunas, massage or hypnosis.

Should I tell my doctor I am taking herbs?

We advise that in any case of ill health, your doctor’s advice should always be sought – which is not to say you should automatically take it – but that you should consider it alongside anything else you have found out from other sources. However, if you are taking our herbs simply to keep well, and are not taking drugs and not pregnant, there should be no reason to consult your doctor about taking our products. Medical doctors are rarely herbalists and generally rely a great deal on drugs.

Will these herbs interact with any drugs I am taking?

Where there are concerns, these are noted on the label of each product and online. If in any doubt, stop taking any herbs until you have consulted the doctor who prescribed your drugs, or consult a fully qualified practitioner in alternative therapy.

Should I take any herbs during pregnancy?

Where there any concerns about the suitability of a product for pregnancy, these are listed in the Caution section of each product’s label and online description.

Can children take these herbs?

At twelve years old, children can take the amount recommended for adults. Younger than this, we recommend reducing the amount taken according to body weight. To be completely safe, we would recommend that children under seven be given herbs only under the supervision of a qualified herbalist or other natural healthcare practitioner.

Can I be sensitive (‘allergic’) to herbs?

A person can be sensitive to anything – even a herb. If you are sensitive to certain foods or drugs, or if you know you have allergies, look out for similar reactions on taking the herbs. Always start off with a small amount, and slowly build up and, preferably, use the services of a qualified practitioner in alternative therapy.

Sensitivities often indicate a need for support of the liver, in which case the Liver Programme or other liver support is indicated.

I have further questions……

If you need to talk about any aspect of our herbal products, we will be delighted to hear from you; please phone +44 (0)1273 424333  or email sales@shs100.com