Cascara Compound Range

Our best selling product, Cascara Compound is to help maintain normal bowel regularity, which many naturopaths believe is as often as you eat, or 2-3 times a day. We have Capsules or Drops, equally helpful: the capsules are most popular.


Cascara Compound Range

Dr Christopher said he came by his herbal formulations intuitively. Well, this is his best one: and however he came to it, it’s been brilliant for our customers who keep coming back for more. Many naturopaths believe bowel movements spaced through the day is healthiest. This product is very supportive of regular colon function. We recommend a 6-9 month course, taking 1-2 capsules (or 12-30 drops) 3 times a day, with food.

For more comprehensive support, consider our Colon Programme.

We have helped many people with this product and we are happy to share what we know with you. So please email or phone us any time.




Product details

The colon (bowel, or large intestine) excretes ‘solid’ waste matter which includes about one third fibre and one third the healthy bacteria which inhabit the intestines.

Most of us eat every few hours. So you’d think that your bowel movements would be similarly spread out. In fact, if you do not have regular bowel movements, that suggests that part of your colon is acting as a rather unsavoury reservoir. Having regular bowel movements can address this issue and Cascara Compound supports that aim.

Without the Cascara Compound Range (and also the equally fantastic Femarone Range) there would probably be no Specialist Herbal Supplies.

In 1980, after studying with US herbalist Dr John Christopher, I made up these two of his formulations for my patients. The results really impressed me. And then other practitioners wanted to buy them – which is how Specialist Herbal Supplies started.

The thing is, people just do NOT like feeling ‘bunged up’. It’s not a nice feeling. So they love having something which works to support their colon’s natural function of 2-3 bowel movements a day.

The amount of Cascara Compound to take can vary a lot from person to person. The idea eventually, is to get down to only wanting 1 capsule (or 12-15 drops) 3 times a day.

It might take a while to get to this point though: some people start with this amount, then increase to 2 capsules (or equivalent of drops) 3 x a day. And if that isn’t enough to suit them them they might increase to even 3 capsules, 3 times a day.

Hopefully by this time you would be feeling a good level of support. If so, slowly reduce the amount being taken – very slowly – until you, hopefully get back to 1, 3 times a day. It can take a while until you feel ok with this.

On the other hand, you might get to 3, 3 times a day and still feel you’d like additional support.

In this case, the additional support will be provided by Cape Aloe Compound. Start off with 1 Cape Aloe Compound capsule 3 times a day. If needed after the first day, add 1 Cascara Compound 3 times a day, then up to 2 Cascara Compound 3 times a day 48 hours later if you feel you want to.

The thing is, you sometimes need to juggle a little with these two fantastic formulations until you find what provides just the right level of support for you.

Your ultimate goal should be to drop the Cape Aloe Compound, and end up on just the Cascara Compound, which is best for long term support.

At SHS we have a lot of experience helping people with Cascara Compound, so please do keep in touch and ask us any questions at all.

Diet – you will help your bowels to work well if you eat a healthy diet. The intestines like to have fibre to grip onto – it helps them work properly. So eat plenty of salads and raw vegetables if you can (cooking breaks down much of the fibre, so a high proportion of raw food is good from this perspective).