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Heart & Circulation herbs

Heart and Circulation Products

Heart imageWe have a number of products which are good for circulation. Our leading product for circulation is the fantastic 90-day Heart and Circulation Programme. This includes Ht Capsules, based on the well known Hawthorn Berry; Bl-Circ Capsules - a great circulation formula, including Cayenne Pepper, Ginger and Siberian Ginseng, and Power Garlic - our specially processed and low-odour garlic capsules. One capsule is equivalent to eating a clove of garlic. If you order the full 3 month programme - as opposed to just a one month pack - you receive 10% discount.

If you do not want a full programme, then consider a 3-month course of any of:
- Ht Capsules - particularly for heart support,
- Cayenne Capsules or Bl-Circ Capsules - particularly good for blood circulation and helping maintain a healthy blood pressure, or
- Power Garlic - good for circulation and healthy blood pressure as well as a good support for immune nutrition - i.e. to feed the immune system and help keep it strong.

SHS Omega 3 SHS Omega 3

Everyone should be taking an Omega 3 supplement, as many scientists say. Our SHS Omega 3 Capsules are a great product which we at SHS take ourselves daily. We recommend at least 2 capsules daily. Our MD and other staff members take 6 a day. A great support for the heart, circulation, and general health. Buy it on our RMO (Regular Monthly Offer) and save 10% every month.

90-day Heart and Circulation Programme 90-day Heart and Circulation Programme

Our unique 90-day programme for heart and circulation, containing 3 products - Ht Capsules, Bl-Circ Capsules and Power Garlic Capsules - plus a comprehensive explanatory pamphlet. Great support for the heart and circulation. This is the best choice if you are serious about supporting you heart and circulation.

Ginkgo Capsules and Drops Ginkgo Capsules and Drops

Ginkgo is one of the best known herbs in the UK. Can help maintain good blood circulation to the body. Ginkgo also has a strong reputation for helping maintain a good memory.

Cayenne Capsules Cayenne Capsules

Cayenne pepper is a milder form of chilli pepper - about mid-way in heat between hot chilli and the very mild paprika.

Dr Christopher, my (Malcolm's) teacher, used to take a teaspoon of cayenne pepper a day. We prefer the convenience of taking it in capsules - otherwise it's rather hot!

Dr Christopher was born with rheumatoid arthritis, his son tells us, and sometimes had to walk with a cane or use a wheelchair. His parent were told he would not make it to his 30s. He also developed high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis - hardening of the arteries.

In his 30's he was drafted into the military at at Fort Lewis, where he was permitted to study and use herbs after he "miraculously" cured a soldier of a skin condition. Later he obtained a herbal degree at a Vancouver college. At this time he discovered that cayenne pepper was so beneficial for his own health, he would take a teaspoon of it every day for the rest of his life.

When I studied with him, in his 70s, he walked unaided and I could not tell he was an arthritis sufferer. He also told us he had the blood pressure of a healthy 20 year old.

I take 3-4 capsules every day to support the circulation and immune system as well as to help maintain bone and joint health.

A healthy person without a sensitivity to cayenne pepper can take it freely.

Caution: If you know you have a sensitivity to cayenne pepper or chillies, do not take it. If you are taking any drugs which affect the circulation, such as those to thin the blood or for high blood pressure, it would be best to avoid taking Cayenne Pepper Capsules.

Power Garlic Capsules Power Garlic Capsules

Power Garlic Capsules are our powerful, and very popular, low odour garlic. One Power Garlic capsule is equivalent to a whole clove of garlic - but without the smell. Patented low-temperature drying method. A great help for heart and arteries as well as lungs and immune system.

Bl-Circ Capsules Bl-Circ Capsules

Bl-Circ Capsules are great formulation of Dr Christopher's to support good blood circulation. Use this formula, including Cayenne, Hawthorn, and Siberian Ginseng, to support blood circulation and to help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Ht Capsules Ht Capsules

Ht Capsules is great formula based on Hawthorn Berry, a herbal berry long used by herbalists to help support heart, arteries and veins. We recommend a 3 month course.

Hawthorn Drops Hawthorn Drops

Hawthorn berry is a lovely herb to help maintain good function of the heart and blood vessels. A gentle remedy, popular among herbalists. A 3 month course is a good length of time to take Hawthorn Drops.

Motherwort Capsules and Drops Motherwort Capsules and Drops

Motherwort is a lovely herb for several reasons. It has fallen out of use over the past 50 years, but was widely used prior to this. Firstly it supports the heart and circulation; secondly, it is used for women - to help during menopause and help maintain a comfortable menstrual cycle; thirdly it is used for maintaing a good energy level. Truly a multi-purpose herb. We suggest a 3 month course, initially, then re-assess the benefits.


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