In case you didn’t know, it is now officially illegal in Europe to claim that water can hydrate the body. This is following a ruling by the European Food Safety Authority at the end of 2011 which, after 3 years – yes, 3 years! – concluded that there was no evidence to show the link […]

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Hyrdrofracking – Hydraulic fracturing – has been associated in the United States, especially, with contamination of ground water supplies. A study showed that 68 water supplies close to hydrofracking sites were certainly contaminated. Hydrofracking is carried out to extract gas from shale – basically, stones. Water, sand and chemicals are pumped deep underground to ‘crack’ […]


This time of year many people feel deflated, lacking in energy and tired after the festive season. The winter weather and dark nights drawing in can also add to a low mood and feeling of lethargy. January is also the time of year when people think they should start a diet after over indulging at […]