Staying Healthy

Yes you can keep yourself brimming with health. Without artificial crutches. Without drugs. And even – if you wish – completely for free. Yes, you can buy herbs and natural supplements to help things along; but you can also go a long way with natural healthcare without spending anything. After all – you have to eat: so in part 5 I tell you how you can eat to promote your health. And exercise need cost nothing at all. You can go a long way to good health just using diet and exercise.

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What’s natural health about?

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by on January 8, 2013

(Article 1 in a series of 9) Natural health is all about good health, about feeling good, about looking good and having confidence in your mind and body. When you choose a lifestyle which maintains good overall health, you do your self-esteem and self-confidence a world of good. And when you feel and look good […]


Why should I consider alternative healthcare? Why indeed? I mean there are many questions to which you should have detailed and accurate answers before you make any definite decision. So let’s look at some relevant topics under the alternative healthcare banner and see if that helps you respond confidently to the question in the title.

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There are some herbs which many of us at Specialist Herbal Supplies take every day to help us keep – or most days. In addition to a good diet and good exercise regime we feel that these valuable herbs help us keep in tip top shape and full of energy.

We would not be without them!