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Echinacea and Children

by on November 27, 2011

You may have seen in the press recently that the safety of Echinacea has come under scrutiny. The MHRA have decided that it is not suitable for children under 12 years old to take Echinacea anymore.  Some people take this herbal remedy when they have colds or flu, to help get over the illness more […]


MHRA Re Issue Black Cohosh Warning

by on November 5, 2011

A few years ago the MHRA issued a warning about Black Cohosh and the risk of liver problems associated with using it. We decided then to take it out of the formulas we had it in and only make it available as a single product. Now that there have been fresh warnings about its use […]


Attitudes to alternative medicine are changing in the United States – and no doubt the UK is following that lead. More than one third of Americans now use alternative, or complementary, medicine. A large part of this increase is due to the increased uptake of mind and body therapies such as yoga and Pilates. In […]