Reduce Cancer Risk Easily

by on January 20, 2012

Cancer Research UK

A recent report shows that eliminating four unhealthy habits will dramatically reduce the risk of developing cancer.

The report showed that more than a third of all diagnosed cases of cancer were caused by these four unhealthy habits. Cancer Research UK says that 40% of all cancers are avoidable if everybody addresses these four issues.

The author of the study, Prof. Max Parkin, said that many people believe it’s the luck of the draw as to whether or not they get cancer, but the evidence clearly shows this is not the case, if these four scenarios can be avoided.

The four factors are:

– smoking

– poor diet – especially lack of vegetables and fruit

– obesity

– drinking alcohol

The full list of 14 factors which the study identified includes excessive exposure to sun and sunbeds, infections, lack of exercise, and lack of fibre in the diet.

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