Natural health – 7 top herbs to help you keep healthy

by on December 3, 2012

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There are some herbs which many of us at Specialist Herbal Supplies take every day – or most days. In addition to a good diet and good exercise regime we feel that these valuable herbs help us keep in tip top shape and full of energy.

We recommend these are top of your list if you want some herbal supplements to help YOU stay on top of your game.

The last two are not actually herbs – but they are two equally valuable supplements.

Spirulina-tabs full size-w250-h250Spirulina

Spirulina is nature’s “multivitamin”. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is a type of algae which grows on water. Try to find an organically grown type of spirulina.

The reason so many people take spirulina is that its cell walls consist of simple sugars which break down very easily in the stomach. This is as opposed to, say, vegetables which have relatively tough cell walls. Spirulina and therefore releases its many nutrients very easily for the body to absorb.

Think of taking 6 or 8 spirulina tablets a day as being equivalent to a good portion of vegetables.

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Cayenne pepperherb-Cayenne1-w250-h250

Cayenne is a member of the chili family. It is medium strength – stronger than paprika but not as strong as chili itself.

Cayenne is, perhaps surprisingly, a soothing and calming herb for most people.

Few people know its secret: it is a fantastic support for the heart and circulation.

Maintaining good blood flow to the brain is vitally important for memory and mental acuity. Most herbalists believe that cayenne helps this important function.

From my experience I am very confident of the benefits of taking cayenne pepper capsules every day. Personally, I take four a day to help me keep fit.

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Talking about brain function, ginkgo is another well-known herb which strongly supports the brain.

There has been a lot of research into ginkgo which has produced positive results. Ginkgo is one of the two or three top-selling herbs in Germany. It is prescribed by many doctors there, in a herbal extract form.

I prefer to take the whole herb rather than an extract, and I take three or four capsules a day to help me maintain my mental functions.

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Echinacea has long been used to help keep the immune system functioning well.

Echinacea is an American plant and it comes to us via the native American herbal tradition. It has become one of the most popular herbs in the Western world, and for good reason.

At Specialist Herbal Supplies we have always used the “angustifolia” variety of Echinacea which we consider to be better than the others available.

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Garlic is very well known as a support for the immune system.

During the First World War the British government paid people to grow garlic in their gardens. Garlic preparations were then used on the battlefields.

Remember, this was a time before antibiotics had been discovered (they were not widely available until late into the 1930s.)

Garlic has other, widespread benefits for example it supports the heart and circulation as well as the lungs. So garlic definitely makes the grade as a herb to take every day.

As well as using garlic in my cooking most days, I also take two capsules of Power Garlic (equivalent to 2 whole cloves of garlic) every day.

Omega 3 capsulesomega-3-caps-w250-h250

Omega 3 fish oil is one supplement which is recommended to be taken daily by both conventional and alternative health authorities.

In other words, doctors like it!

Again, tons of research has been done on omega 3 fish oils and results are very positive indeed.

Omega 3 is a big support for the heart and arteries as well as the muscles and joints of the body.

In my view, most people don’t take enough: so I take 8 to 10 capsules of SHS Omega 3 every day.


acidophilus2-w250-h250Bio Multi-flora probiotic

We all benefit from having a good balance of bacteria in the small and large intestines. These can get out of balance by taking antibiotics (at any time in your life), by travelling abroad, or if you have ever had a bad diet for an extended period.

To help keep the bowel flora imbalance it is useful to introduce a supplement containing the “good bacteria”.

To help with this, I take one or two Bio Multi-flora each day.

Do I rattle?

Now, after this list you may think that I rattle at the end of the day with all the capsules and tablets I’m taking!

Well, it may seem like that. But, to me, I think of it as just taking an extra portion of vegetables with each meal. After all, most of the supplements I’d take are herbs which are just roots, leaves or berries.

All I can say is I feel good taking my supplements and I always have tons of energy.

I hope you find my list inspiring and that you will use my experiences to create your own regime of “must take” supplements.

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