Fruit Juice Linked To Colon Cancer

by on January 20, 2012

Granini apple and orange juice bottles

The incidence of many diseases, including cancer and heart disease, is certainly linked to sugar levels in the blood and the ability of the body to deal with these. One source of extremely high sugar is fruit juice. We tend to think of fruit juice as being healthy. But the problem with this is that it contains about as much sugar as Coca-Cola. The sudden rush of sugar into the bloodstream caused by fruit juice is very challenging for the body, which suddenly has to remove the sugar from the bloodstream to avoid the body being overwhelmed. This is a much more acute problem than that caused by eating the whole fruit, as the fibre whole fruit contains slows down the absorption of sugar.

The study found that while high fruit and vegetable intake cut the risk of colon cancer, fruit juice consumption was linked to an increased risk of rectal cancer.

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