Exercise Beats Diabetes

by on January 20, 2012

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Very modest amounts of exercise on a regular basis have been found to boost insulin production, which will help to head off diabetes.

A study found that less than one minute of vigorous exercise three times a week was enough to reduce the increase in production of insulin.

In the study, volunteers were asked to perform two 20-second bursts on exercise bike three times a week. Because of the short period of time, a much higher intensity of exercise was possible.

This is the basis of high intensity interval training, or HIIT, which, experts claim, is the most efficient as well as the most effective form of exercise there is. But even fans of HIIT would not have claimed that 40 seconds exercise three times a week would have such a beneficial effect on insulin production.

It is certainly fascinating that the body can respond to such a small amount of exercise so effectively.

Whether people with prediabetic conditions can be persuaded to do this exercise – even though it was such a short time – is another matter. It is notoriously difficult to get people to do exercise regularly when they are not already in the habit.

Further studies will be needed to show whether similar effects are experienced by those already suffering from diabetes. I would expect this to be so.


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