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There are some herbs which many of us at Specialist Herbal Supplies take every day to help us keep – or most days. In addition to a good diet and good exercise regime we feel that these valuable herbs help us keep in tip top shape and full of energy.

We would not be without them!


How Spirulina Is Produced

by on August 2, 2011

The Discovery Channel visited one of the biggest Eastern producers of spirulina, located in Thailand. The raw material looks like green “gunk” in a swimming pool, but what comes out of it is pure nutrition! It is interesting to watch the process as, over 15 days, the spirulina algae is grown to the stage where […]


This time of year many people feel deflated, lacking in energy and tired after the festive season. The winter weather and dark nights drawing in can also add to a low mood and feeling of lethargy. January is also the time of year when people think they should start a diet after over indulging at […]