Best Omega 3 Supplement For Your Health

by on February 26, 2011

Best omega 3 supplement - from sardines

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You absolutely need the very best omega 3 supplement when deciding what is best for your health.

This does not mean you have to pay a fortune for it, necessarily. But you do need to check the label to make sure you are getting enough of the  essential ingredients you need. And those ingredients are EPA and DHA.

EPA and DHA are the two important fatty acids in fish oil, which provide the huge benefits for the human body. So it is important when buying a supplement to check how much DHA and EPA is in each capsule if you want to maximize the health benefits. Most of that supplement is derived from the massive sardine stock which exist in the sea.

How Much Fish Oil To Take?

I recommend you take at least 1500 milligrams a day of EPA and DHA combined. By taking this amount of omega 3 fatty acids, benefits are maximized.

Simply read the label, add up the EPA and DHA to find the total amount of miligrams (mg)  and divide that into 1500. So, for example, if EPA and DHA total 300 milligrams, then you need 1500 / 300 equals five capsules per day.

As long as you get a reputable make, you don’t need to search around for expensive Omega three supplements. There are a small number of huge manufacturers in the world, and they will produce their Omega three oil to pharmaceutical standards, and make certain there are no contaminants. So, nearly all of the Omega three you will find in the shops is sourced from this small number of manufacturers.

So, don’t spend a fortune – but do check out just how much EPA and DHA you are getting for your money. That’s how you work out the most cost-effective way to buy your omega 3 supplement. It’s cost per milligram of EPA and DHA you want to be considering when deciding what to buy.

So the best omega 3 supplement for your health, is the one which delivers 1500 milligrams of quality EPA and DHA at the lowest possible price.

The next thing to remember is just to take it regularly, every day, day after day.

The omega 3 fish oil benefits are so well proven, that you would be wise to remember this supplement even if you forget some other.

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