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Healthy lifestyleArticles: Tips and Suggestions About Health Care

We have written a number of articles about health issues, giving suggestions and tips about keeping fit and healthy. The articles are categorized in the various sections below.


Blood Circulation: Articles and tips on how to improve blood circulation.

Exercise is the number one activity to improve blood circulation and diet is also a very important factor.

In addition, herbs have been used for centuries which may help maintain good blood circulation. These herbs include Cayenne, Garlic and Hawthorn. Here we look at how to keep your blood circulation strong and healthy.

Colon Cleansing: Articles and tips on colon cleansing.

Naturopaths believe that the first step in detox for good health should be Colon Cleansing. Here are some tips and articles on colon cleansing which really can help us to keep healthy. Colon cleansing is the first step to a great detox.

Detox: Articles and tips on detox, or detoxification

Detox in general is the process by which the body rids itself of naturally occurring, as well as artificially introduced, toxic elements from the cells and the blood. This promotes good health, of course. The process can be helped - through diet, exercise,

Healthy lifestyleDigestion: Articles and tips about the digestion

The digestion must work well. It's all very well eating a great diet, but if we are not digesting our food properly we will not be getting the goodness from it. Here we look at ways to help the digestion.

Lifestyle: Articles and tips on a healthy lifestyle

The are various lifestyle measures you can take to take to try to ensure you stay healthy. A healthy lifestyle ensures you are doing all you can to help your body. You do not have to be completely healthy in your approach 100% of the time. However, if you can manage it 95% - or even 90% - of the time, you are doing better than most. Here we look at some important lifestyle issues.

Liver Cleansing: Articles and tips about the liver and liver cleansing

The liver is the second most important detox organ, and naturopaths believe firmly in liver cleansing. There are various ways to help the liver and we cover those in these articles.

Menopause: Articles and tips about herbs and the menopause

There are many herbs which contain phytoeostrogens, which can have a balancing effect on the hormones. This can help with periods and with menopause. We look at some of these, and at other measures, such as diet, which can help hormone balance.

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