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Muscles & Joints

Devil's Claw Devil's Claw

One of the best known herbs for the joints and muscles. Available either in capsules or in fluid extract form - stronger than a tincture. (A tincture is between 3 and 10 times weaker than a fluid extract, depending on the herb tincture in question - read the tincture label to find out exactly; it will say 3;1 or 5:1, etc.)

Arth Capsules or Drops Arth Capsules or Drops

A great formulation based on the ideas of Dr Christopher, to support the joints and muscles. It is recommended to combine this formula with others for the same purpose. A good combination would be the Arth Capsules or Drops plus Cayenne Capsules. Take 1 capsule of each 3 times a day. (Or the equivalent if using Arth Drops - 12-15 drops 3 times a day.) Try this for 3 months.

Bl-Circ Capsules Bl-Circ Capsules

A great formulation of Dr Christopher's to support good blood circulation. An even more wholistic solution is to use our 90-day Heart and Circulation Programme, which includes three unique herbal products, plus a useful explanatory pamphlet, containing dietary and exercise advice.

90-day Heart and Circulation Programme 90-day Heart and Circulation Programme

A unique 90-day programme, containing 3 products plus a comprehensive explanatory pamphlet, to help the heart and circulation.

Cayenne Capsules Cayenne Capsules

As well as being great support for the heart, circulation, arteries, veins and blood pressure, Cayenne is also a well known support for the arteries and joints.

We recommend taking a capsules of cayenne with each meal. Take it in the middle of the meal so that you don't experience any slight burning which could otherwise occur.

jions. a wonderful herb to support all aspects of the circulation - which greatly helps muscles and joints.

Anti-Spas Capsules or Drops Anti-Spas Capsules or Drops


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