Sugar And Carbs are Bad for Health

by on November 6, 2014

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In 1800 people in the US and the UK ate about 10 pounds of sugar per person per year. By the year 2000 that figure had increased twelve fold – to 120 pounds per person, or about 25 kg.

That increase in sugar consumption has coincided with a major deterioration in our health.

Heart Disease did Not Exist

For example, in 1900 heart disease was so rare that it was not even taught at medical school. Similarly obesity was rare and diabetes was almost non-existent.

There is plenty of evidence to show that the deterioration in health evident since the mid-20th century is closely connected with our increased intake of sugar. What makes it worse is the similar increase in the amount of carbohydrates we eat – which break down to be nearly all sugar too.

This includes potatoes, bread, pasta and rice.

Saturated Fat’s a Fallacy Too

The other major factor is the fallacy of the danger of saturated fats. Once manufacturers started to bang out low-fat foods – loaded with sugar, to compensate for the missing fat – obesity and diabetes really took off rapidly.

I’ll be covering this issue in a future article. Meanwhile, check out this video which gives you more information on why sugar and carbs are so bad for us.


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