Rosehips For The Heart

by on March 1, 2012

Rose hips are a particularly rich source of vi...

Overweight patients who took rose hip powder every day for six weeks saw significant improvements in their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This study was reported in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN).

Though rose hips are known for their vitamin C content they are also thought to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect too. This ability to counteract inflammation is similar to the effects obtained from taking omega 3 fish oil. Generalized inflammation throughout the body has been correlated in many studies with heart health and cancer.

A study in 2007 found that patients with aching joints noticed a 40 per cent reduction in their pain and discomfort when taking a rose hip capsules every day.  Again, it could be inferred that the anti-inflammatory effect of the herb was responsible for this improvement.

In this current study those taking part took 20g (two thirds of an ounce) of rosehip every day. It is quite hard to get hold of rose hips. You could pick your own, but separating the seeds from the casings is a heck of a job!

For ease, I’d recommend trying a more convenient omega 3 supplement. It is one supplement widely recommended by both complementary and conventional medics.

Report from EJCN  web site:

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