First Synthetic Meat to be introduced in 2012

by on February 29, 2012

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The first synthetic meat will be eaten around October 2012. It will be in the form of a hamburger! UK celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal is thought likely to be asked to cook the dish.

The technology for creating this synthetic meat is being developed at Maastricht University in the Netherlands – Holland. The “meat” is grown by fermentation method in large vats.

This process signals the start of the end of animal farming as we know it. Sure, eating “real meat” will continue for a while. But once any problems are ironed out you won’t be able to tell the manufactured from the real.

In time, it will become cheap enough to become ubiquitous. It will also be healthier – no doubt the saturated fat could be eliminated if desired and the omega 3 fats increased – which is great for health.

Of course, animal husbandry will not be required anymore and animal cruelty will be a thing of the past.

On top of this, one of the biggest contributors to emissions of damaging carbon dioxide and methane – bovine wind – will be virtually eliminated.

The Dutch Vegetarian Society has surveyed its members and 50% say they would be happy eating this product.

It will take a few years to perfect the process and this first burger is really a demonstration that it is possible. But it will become widely available in a few short years. It will take a while to get used to “manufactured meat”, but in a generation I expect it to be accepted without a second thought.

Here is more on the story from the BBC:

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