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Since we set up the company in the early 1980s we have always placed “customer service” first and foremost. It’s simply the way we like to do business.

Here are some of the comments we have received from customers who have used our herbal products:

“Your service/delivery was excellent – I even took the trouble to telephone to thank and congratulate you as it is
rare today to get such good service.”

“Excellent quality of herbs and good service.”

“Excellent range of products.”

“Staff extremely efficient and helpful. Order arrives next day. Very pleasant service…..One of the best firms I have
had the pleasure to deal with.”

“I must congratulate you on the layout and information contained in your Catalogue and other literature. They are
excellent. I don’t think you could improve.”

“You’re wonderful.”

“I think you’re great!”

“Thank you for your expert help and wonderful Catalogue. I wish we had such efficient service here in South Africa.”

“I only managed to get half a message on your telephone answerphone on Friday – and all information was sent to
me by Saturday. Only God could work faster than that. Also products are good and same fast service. I would say go
to the top of the class.”

“Exceptionally good service and advice – thank you. All the very best success with this excellent company.”

“The service is excellent and everything is delivered so quickly. I’m really happy with all of the products.”

“Thank you very much for your very helpful advice and support.”

“Catalogue is excellent, and easy to understand. Thanks heaps!”

“Thank you for your quick response to my enquiry.”

“To date excellent service. Your catalogue is far more informative than any others that I have investigated.”

“I am extremely thankful I’ve found you, after 4 years ….. my life has turned around in 2 weeks.

“I feel better than I have for over three years!”
Comments by users of Femarone and Femarone 40+: (Femarone is for all women; Femarone 40+ is used by
menopausal women.)

“I felt glad to have taken them within days” (Customer, Mrs L.)

“I’m finding them very helpful” (Customer, Mrs C.)

“You suggested I take Liv/GB 1 and Femarone for the hormone cycle. Many thanks for your advice. I now feel very
healthy.” (Customer, Miss L.B.)

“I felt distinctly well from day 1 of taking Femarone 40+. I am recommending you to all my friends.” (Customer Mrs

“Thank you for offering herbal supplements to we menopausal women. I found it very difficult to get information
and help. You and your company have my gratitude…I now feel my body is getting what it needs…” (Customer Mrs

“Absolutely marvellous.” (Customer, Mrs S-J.)

“Extremely good for all women” (Practitioner, Mrs G B.)

“People have done very well on them” (Practitioner, Miss S F.)

“Particularly good” (Practitioner Mr A R.)

“I am delighted. Thank you very much.” (Customer Ms S.A.)

Thanks for all the lovely comments 🙂