Skin Brush


A pure bristle brush for brushing the skin.

Skin Brush


A pure bristle brush for brushing the skin. The action of Skin brushing helps skin function by removing dried mucous from entrance to the pores. This encourages healthy exchange of gases, which is part of the function of the skin. Skin brushing also supports the function of the lymphatic, or immune, system. This is because the lymph vessels of the lymphatic system (similar to blood vessels) are largely located near to the surface of the skin. The brushing therefore helps the circulation in these vessels. This is an essential process to keep us disease-free.

Standard Usage

Brush skin (dry) daily for 3-6 minutes. Move it gently up arms and legs, and over abdomen, always moving towards Heart (left upper chest area). When starting use, brush gently and only for a short time while your skin gets used to the brushing.


Avoid brushing any damaged areas of skin; and brush gently for the first few days.