Hydrangea Root


Herbal support of the kidneys

Hydrangea Root 60g


For herbal support of the kidneys, for which purpose we have seen this herb prove most beneficial. Also recommended to help the body keep the prostate gland at its normal size.


Hydrangea Root only.

Standard Usage

Dr John Christopher gives the following useful method when helping the kidneys. Soak 30-60g of Hydrangea Root in 500-600ml of apple juice (apple juice is preferable to water, but if it cannot be tolerated, water can be used) for 6 hours. Simmer gently for 10 minutes and strain; take the resulting liquor over the course of one day. It is preferable to avoid meat, alcohol and rich and fatty foods and take plenty of fruit and vegetables. Marshmallow Leaf Tea is strongly recommended to be drunk during this time, as it can help to keep the kidney tubules lubricated.


Do not take with diuretic drugs. Do not take if pregnant.