Slippery Elm Tea


Slippery Elm Tea 80g


Slippery elm is the powdered inner bark of a type of elm tree with wonderful properties. It is very nutritious as well as having very soothing and healing properties. Many people swear by slippery elm’s ability to help keep the whole length of the intestinal tract soothed, from the stomach through the duodenum and small intestine right to the colon. For this purpose, slippery elm can be taken as often as hourly if wished – it is a very safe, soothing herb. Slippery Elm Capsules or Tea are particularly suitable for children, the elderly, and the weak.


Slippery Elm Powder Only

Standard Usage

Drink freely as and when required. Mix a teaspoon of Slippery Elm Tea with a mug of hot water. Can be made with cold water if preferred. Whisking or blending can make this easier. Add honey if desired. Safe for long term use.


Take two hours away from drug medications.