Bedtime Range

For a relaxing herb mix to take at bedtime, we offer Bedtime Capsules & Bedtime Tea. Try one or the other: or take 1-2 capsules together with a cup of the tea before bed.


Bedtime Range

The time you most want to feel relaxed is when it’s time for bed. Herbs can help! Various herbs help the body relax. SHS has selected a few of them to make two products: Bedtime Capsules and Bedtime Tea.

You can use either of these alone: but some people like to ‘get two birds with one stone’, and take both: a cup of Bedtime Tea an hour before bed with a couple of Bedtime Capsules. Also, avoid stimulating activities late in the evening: avoid exciting TV programmes or books. Stick to entertainment which is – well, thoughtful rather than too active.