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Kid Capsules and Tea - kidney support
Herbs for kidney cleanse, such as Kid Capsules or Drops, or Kid Tea, can help the kidneys and bladder to keep working well. This will support the detox functions of the body. Take capsules or drops alone or, for better support, take 1 Kid Capsule (or the alternative Kid 2 Capsules) or 12-15 Kid Drops 3 times a day plus one cup of Kid Tea. (3 month course = approx 300 capsules + 150ml drops + 3 pots tea.) Even better, use our more wholistic 90-day Kidney Programme which includes three unique herbal products, plus a useful explanatory pamphlet, containing dietary and exercise advice.
Many women have benefited from keeping a tub of Kid Tea handy for when they desire immediate support of the bladder - a wonderful combination of herbs. The tea has a slightly 'antisesptic' aroma.

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54 Kid Capsules - 16.20
100 Kid Capsules - 25.92
200 Kid Capsules - 45.36
50ml Kid Drops - 17.10
100ml Kid Drops - 30.78
200ml Kid Drops - 54.72
54 Kid 2 capsules - 16.20
100 Kid 2 capsules - 25.92
55g Kid Tea - 11.34


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