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Detox Herbal Supplements

Detox is a way of helping the whole body's to flush out toxins. Though every cell in the body 'detoxes' all the time, the main organs involved in detox are the colon, liver, kidneys and immune system.

Our own 90-day Detox Programme focusses on the first 3 of these organs; colon, liver and kidneys; it includes a herbal product for each, as well as our unique Detox Tea. The full 3-month Detox Programme gives a very thorough detox over 90 days. It is not so much rapid as slow but sure. Sometimes, you may feel that a 1 month detox is all you need - which is where a single 30-day Detox Programme pack is best. It includes 3 products in capsules or drops plus a tub of Detox Tea.

Other herbs with detox properties are listed below, including Power Garlic Capsules, Bio Multi-flora Capsules and Wheat Grass Capsules or Powder. Of course, all these herbs work alongside a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise.

If you want to concentrate on helping one specific detox organ, here are links to our 90-day Programmes for the colon, liver, kidneys, and immune system.


90-day Detox Programme 90-day Detox Programme

Our unique 90-day Detox Diet Programme. Our 'detox Diet With Herbs'. Have the double advantage of a detox diet - we tell you how - plus the benefit of herbs to support the detox organs - colon, liver, kidneys. Contains 3 products plus a comprehensive explanatory pamphlet, to help the body's own natural detox capabilities.

Detox - Herbal Support Detox - Herbal Support

Herbal supplements specifically to help the body to detox. Single herbal products, available as capsules, drops or as tea - our popular Detox Tea.

These Detox products are not as comprehensive an approach as the 90-day Detox Programme; but are still very helpful. They work well together with a cleansing diet - heavy with salads, vegetables and fruit.

Cascara Compound for colon support Cascara Compound for colon support

A great support for good function of the bowel, or colon. We have used this extremely popular formula for over 5 years, and strongly recommend it.

Kidney and Bladder Support Kidney and Bladder Support

Good for kidneys & bladder, important organs to help detox.

Liver Support Liver Support

Good for liver and gall bladder, the liver being a vital organ to keep the body working well.

Immune System Support Immune System Support

Herbs which can help the lymphatic - or immune - system

Bio Multi-flora Capsules Bio Multi-flora Capsules

A powerful and unique long-life, temperature-stable bowel (colon) flora product. Helps detox.

Power Garlic Capsules Power Garlic Capsules

Our powerful, low odour garlic. Helps the immune system - and so is important in detox - as well as the lungs, heart and arteries.

Lu Capsules and Tea Lu Capsules and Tea

This formula supports the lungs, and assists balance of mucous and mucous membranes. The lungs are one of the important detox organs as they are vital in eliminating waste products from the body, most importantly carbon dioxide. An even more wholistic solution is to use our 90-day Lung Programme, which includes three unique herbal products, plus a useful explanatory pamphlet, containing dietary and exercise advice.

Burdock Drops Burdock Drops

A herb with centuries of use behind it, and which helps detox.

Plantain Drops Plantain Drops

Plantain is used mainly to help the digestive and immune systems. Plantain also helps detox.

Wheat Grass Wheat Grass

Plantain is used mainly to help the digestive and immune systems. Plantain also helps detox.


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