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Licorice Capsules, Drops and Tea

Licorice Capsules, Drops, Tea

Licorice is a fantastically versatile herb used especially in the Far East. It is added to many herbal formulae because it is held to be an 'accentuator'. Licorice tends to hold a herbal formula together and make it work well.

On its own, licorice is highly soothing for the stomach and gut - the small and large intestines. It soothes these areas as it passes down.

Another brilliant soothing herb is Slippery Elm. Just a teaspoon of Slippery Elm can make a whole mugful of a soothing, mucilaginous drink. This can be drunk by the young or old; by the ailing or infirm. This is because Slippery Elm is very safe for virtually anyone. Read more about soothing Slippery Elm here.

Licorice and Slippery Elm can be used together for double the benefit. One way to do this is to make Licorice Tea; then use this tea instead of water to blend with Slippery Elm to make Licorice and Slippery Elm Tea. Lovely! Another way is to add Licorice Drops to your Slippery Elm Tea.

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54 capsules - 13.50
100 capsules - 21.60
50ml drops - 15.30
100ml drops - 27.54
70g - 11.34


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