How Blood Tests Can Keep You Healthy

by on August 21, 2014

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Should you get your own blood tests done?

You should do if you want to safeguard your health in the best way.

The thing is, we all know you can’t avoid certain serious diseases. But many diseases develop because we don’t spot the very early signs. And some of these signs can be revealed by simple blood tests.

Here, on my anti-aging blog, are details of some of those blood tests.

Doctors Don’t Test For Much

I often hear people saying:

“My doctor gave me some blood tests…”

… as if the doctor has given them a comprehensive battery of blood tests – to detect everything possibly wrong with them.

Usually, nothing is further from the truth.

Certainly in the UK, the doctor will give you the minimal blood tests.

And often they’ll make do with tests which are relatively inaccurate – but cheap.

Well, they have their budgets to think of…

You Have to Look After Yourself

And even if doctors did do these more comprehensive blood tests, it wouldn’t do much good. The thing is, doctors are trained to detect illness.

Whereas you and I are interested in heading off illness. We want to find out early warning of any illness, whenever possible, so we can take action before it takes root.

Doctors simply aren’t trained like this. And we can’t expect them to be that interested with all the work they have to do and all the stress they are under.

That’s why we have to take our own health in hand. One way to do that is to get regular blood tests and – slowly but surely – learn how to interpret them.

It’ll take a while to learn how to do it. But blood tests can definitely be a very important part of looking after your own health.

In the post I linked to earlier , I give more detail about the blood tests you should get. I also cover the three steps you need to take to make your blood tests effective.

Be One of the 1%

For 99% of people – perhaps more – in the UK, having regular blood tests done independently will seem crazy. But it is really not crazy if it can help to keep you healthy.

Blood tests can quickly reveal minor problems in how your body is working which, if dealt with early can quickly and easily be dealt with: but if left, can develop into more serious problems.

So be open to the possibility of getting regular blood tests done. And check out my post here.

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