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Specialist Herbal Supplies - Suppliers of Colon Cleansing, Detox, Liver Cleansing, Immune System and Menopause Supplements

We've supplied herbs and herbal supplements to our patients and customers since 1982, specialising in high quality, additive-free herbal products.

Your herbal supplements are delivered FAST because customers tell us this is what they want! Order by 2pm GMT and your order of stock items (which means almost everything!) will be sent the same working day.

In the UK, we normally use First Class Post. Abroad, shipping is 10% of order value. Our herbs are sent to every continent.

Specialist Herbal Supplies was set up in the UK by Malcolm Simmonds. Malcolm, who originally trained in business, gained an Acupuncture degree in 1982. He also studied with Dr Bernard Jensen - a pioneer of Iridology, and Dr John Christopher - the widely respected herbal and naturopathic practitioner.

Dr Christopher recommended simple, mild herbal formulae which gently help to maintain the balance of the various organs and body processes. Malcolm sought out suppliers of raws materials, and made his own versions of these supplements. Other practitioners started buying them from him and soon the herbs were also recommended by authors including Leslie Kenton and Karen Kingston.

As Dr Christopher did in the USA, we offer you mild herbs and herbal supplements that help to KEEP IN BALANCE the organs and systems of the body. BALANCE is the key word here; the herbs that we supply help the body to keep itself cleansed and well-balanced. This will help you to keep feeling great - naturally!

To help you to keep well, we recommend you to see a good practitioner in natural medicine - herbal or otherwise - as well as your medical doctor. It is often a good idea to ask your friends if they can recommend anyone; or you can enquire at local complementary health centres for a personal recommendation. If you contact us we will do our best to put you in touch with one of our practitioner customers who is near to you.

We wish you all the best in keeping yourself healthy. We know that our carefully produced herbal supplements together with a health-orientated diet, sufficient rest and exercise, and professional help where appropriate, can help you to keep yourself healthy and - most importantly - happy.

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