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Power Garlic Capsules

Power Garlic Capsules

The garlic in Power Garlic Capsules is made by a unique process which reduces the odour while preserving the vitality of the garlic.

Garlic can also be taken in garlic pills or tablets; or it can be taken raw or cooked in food. In any form, garlic is well known as a great herb for::

  • Immune system
  • Lungs, and the
  • Heart and Arteries

We recommend all adults take a 3 month course of Power Garlic Capsules every year (a 3-month course requires 300 capsules ). Children of 7 or over can normally take a course of 3 months too; but reduce the amount taken proportionately, according to body weight. (Under 7 years old, consult your healthcare practitioner.)

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Full product information

54 capsules - 13.50
100 capsules - 21.60
200 capsules - 37.80


The use of Garlic dates back for many centuries. More recently its reputation was strengthened during the time it was used very successfully for soldiers on the UK battlefields during the First World War. This was prior to the discovery of antibiotics (they were discovered in the late 1920s.)

Garlic is one of the 'desert island herbs'. That is to say that most herbalists, if told they were to be banished to a desert island and could take only ten herbs with them would have garlic in their list. Other 'desert island herbs' would include Milk Thistle (liver support), Slippery Elm (soothing for stomach and intestines) and St John's Wort (helps maintain positive emotions). Garlic is a powerful support and very versatile - useful in a variety of situations.

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