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Nutritional herbs

Wheat Grass Wheat Grass

A fantastic nutritional supplement. Easy to take either in capsules or as micro-fine powder stirred into water or juice. Take every day to help boost nutrition.

Bio Multi-flora Bio Multi-flora

Our high quality bowel flora - consists of 6 patented strains of friendly bacteria including acidophilus and bifidus. Helps keep your benefiical flora in balance.

Super Spirulina Super Spirulina

A fantastic form of algae which is highly nutritious. Its great advantage is that it is very, very easily digested - so you are bound to get the full nutritional benefit.

Slippery Elm Capsules and Tea Slippery Elm Capsules and Tea

Slippery Elm Plus is specifically aimed at helping maintain comfort of stomach and intestines. A fantastic herb, soothing in every way. Available in capsules or in powder, to make as a drink.

Min/Vit Capsules or Drops Min/Vit Capsules or Drops

Herbs which are known to have a good nutritional content. For those who like their 'multi-mineral/vitamin' to be grown rather than manufactured.

Mega-Ton Drops Mega-Ton Drops

Helps to support the body's energy. Contains herbs in liquid form (a powerful fluid extract) aimed at maintaining good energy level.


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